Improve Safety On The Road

2014-12-30 Beijing

The only way to improve safety on the road is to severely punish driving offenders. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Notice: this is my practice writing which may be the worst approach.I am glad to receive any kind of advises(grammar or misuse, etc).

The number of traffic accidents is increasingly large recently which leads to a various of social problems.Some people think that the best and only way to improve traffic safety is by imposing severe punishments on those who have violated the traffic laws.Personally, I totally disagree with this view. It can be improved by educating people about the serious results that accidents may bring to the drivers and their families as well as punishing the violators.

Informing people of the consequences of an accident seems to be a better approach to reduce the accidents on the road. For instance,we can teach both the drivers and pedestrians about what an accident would bring to their family members,they will lose their breadwinners and will face financial problems.This means that their families will encounter disability or even death if they do not follow the laws.Keeping this in mind,they will think twice before breaking the law.

On the other hand,deterrent from punishing still remains to be a significant way to gain road safety. For example, if an offender is punished strictly, he and his friends will be deterred and are less possible to offend again.In some countries,if a person seriously break a certain law, such as drunk driving,he may lose the right to drive again. So, severe punishment surely contributes to the improvement of road safety.

In conclusion, we can help people to improve the traffic safety by teaching them the importance of safe driving. Although punishment is also a good way to do so, but it is not the best way and only way. Pedestrians and drivers should all obey traffic regulations and laws to keep safe.