Forcing the Employers to Hire the Same Number of Men and Women

2014-12-16 Beijing

Some people think that employers should be required to employ equal numbers of men and women. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Notice: this is my practice writing which may be the worst approach. I am glad to receive any kind of advises(grammar or misuse, etc).

It is undoubtedly that men and women are playing different roles in our society. There are opinions that suggest companies to employ the same number of females and males. Personally, I don't think this is a good suggestion.

Generally, women have their advantages in many areas. They are tender and have better communication skills so that they have the ability to make people feel comfortable. This means they are suitable for many positions, for instance, consultants, teachers, nursers, in which they can easily reach higher achievements than men.

However, males are usually physically stronger and more sensible than females. Industries that are labor-intensive may surely employ more men than women. Meanwhile, men are better at emotion control which helps them to improve their leadership and make calm decisions. That is why we can see that there are more male presidents than females, despite the fact that women are play increasingly significant roles in our society.

So, it is obvious that man and woman both have their own advantages in different professions. Asking the employers to employ the same number of females and males is unfair and unrealistic. But a company can surely benifit from a balanced number of males and females, as it can help to promote the productivity. If the productivity of a company is not bounded to the gender,employing equal number of men and women seems to be the best choice for them.

In conclusion, making the most of the gender advantages is benificial for both companies and society. That is why I don't agree with the view that forcing the employers to hire the same number of men and women.


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